5 Last Minute Father's Day Gifts (Dads actually want!)

As the iconic 80's Hair Band Europe made famous... its "The Final Countdown"... to Father's Day. Look, we're not perfect, and readily admit that our Mother's Day gifts aren't always purchased or order months in advance. We're not judging you if this post reminded you that you've yet to get a little something for Dad. But just because its last minute, doesn't mean you have to go get a tie or socks and throw them in a bag. Here's our list of top Father's Day gifts that you should be able to pick up in time for Sunday.

#1 Get him that Fresh AF feeling

Theres just something about a great barbershop experience, and if you're lucky enough to live near us you know the only place to go is Marky Fresh. Their hair and beard skills are of course amazing, but add in the atmosphere that these guys (and gals) bring to the table and its not hard to see why these guys are number 1. Get that special Dad in your life an online gift card HERE, and ensure that he will feel Fresh AF for weeks to come. They do amazing work on kids cuts too, and there's no problem or challenge they're not up for. If you're not local, consider making the trip. But seriously, gifting an exceptional barbershop experience is a top notch gift.

#2 The New Dad Dictionary

Shopping for a new Dad? Or does the Dad in your life need a refresher course? This is the manual, quite literally from A to Z. Our buddy Chris Illuminati is an established writer (follow him on Insta) and was an incredible guest on our podcast (Episode 25). We also recommend his sticky note inspired calendar, but you might want to wait for the 2021 release, because honestly to hell with 2020. Anyways, get the book HERE.

#3 #dadswag Grilling Apron

We don't know a Dad that doesn't get down on the grill. Debate all you want about gas, charcoal, pellet, etc... but a Dad on the grill is about as natural an environment as you can can get us in. Now, if you really want to get the job done you need the right tools. That includes an apron that is a badass as it sounds. I. GRILL. SH*T. This genius piece of apparel comes from our boy Jay Cee, who runs the hashtagdadswag podcast. Follow him on Insta and DM our guy to get your hands on one of these masterpieces. Pretty sure these things sold out right away, but do what you can to get Dad one.

#4 Bourbon (duh)

You legitimately cannot go wrong by presenting the awesome Dad in your life with a bottle of bourbon for Father's Day. That doesn't mean you have to go out and drop crazy cash on a bottle of Pappy. There are hundreds of fantastic bourbons out there to choose from. Check out our bourbon reviews, ask a friend or bartender, or DM us and we would love to give you a suggestion. Cheers to the Dads!

#5 SuBourbon Dad Shirt

This list would obviously not be complete without a shameless plug for our own gear. These shirts have been selling like crazy and we've even heard them called "The perfect Dad shirt". Not our words, but were not disputing, either. Seriously though, it's a super comfortable shirt that lets everyone know just who you are as a Dad. Get it at our shop HERE.

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