Beer Review: GLBC Christmas Ale

Great Lakes Brewing Company - Spiced Holiday Ale - 7.5% ABV

GLBC was founded in 1986 by the Conway brothers, and became instrumental in the revitalization of Ohio City. In their 30+ years of operation, GLBC has won countless awards for their beer, and continue to give back to the community and act as a pillar of the Cleveland community.

"Each year guests line up around the block to taste the first pints of the season at the brewpub’s annual Christmas Ale First Pour event".

“The packaging is incredible. You slap a bow on that bad boy and you're done. There is a Christmas gift for a neighbor or whoever.“

It’s not #Christmas in Cleveland till you have yourself an iconic #christmasale from Great Lakes Brewing Company! We left the bourbon on the shelf and opted for some frosty mugs full of spicy, delicious Christmas Ale, and we were not disappointed! Admittedly, we’re not big beer drinkers, and it’s been awhile since we had a full flavored ale, but this was incredible! Enjoy the review and let us know if you’re familiar with this Cleveland tradition. This was more difficult to review being our first #beerreview, but we looked at five different categories in our own terms: Packaging, Appearance, Nose, Value, and Taste. Enjoy the review, drop us a comment and make sure you subscribe to our podcast, YouTube, like us on Facebook and Instagram.

Packaging: "You got the train... the coal train, some ornaments... blue collar label for a blue collar town" - Steve

Appearance: “Looks like you wanna just cheers it and go!” – Ian

Nose: “Smells good... smells like you know you're drinking beer.“ – Ian

Value: $12 bucks or so per sixer

Taste : “Man that's refreshing” - Steve

"I might start drinking beer again" - Ian


Ian: 8.7

Steve: 8.1

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