Bourbon Review: Horse Soldier Reserve Straight Bourbon Whiskey

American Freedom Distillery - Straight Bourbon Whiskey - 114.9 proof

" Extraordinarily complex with notes of vanilla, ginger, and cherries. This barrel strength "wheated" bourbon is made from small batches of meticulously blended mature whiskey"

"The New York City Port Authority has donated to our team steel recovered from the World Trade Center after 9/11. Each bottle of Horse Soldier is formed in molds of this steel to honor the spirit of resilience and service that arose after the attack on our nation."

“I got a bone to pick... How is it that this is coming out of Columbus Ohio and we can't buy it here?“

We got a line on some Horse Soldier Reserve straight bourbon whiskey, and we had to have it. Even though its (partly) produced in Columbus in our home state of Ohio, WE CAN’T BUY IT HERE and thats got us heated a bit, especially after finally sampling this phenomenal whiskey. We get tons of good oak, some smashed cherry, and a whole lot of that good ethanol you expect from a premium barrel strength bourbon. Plus, how cool is a story “forged in fire” by some of our Nation’s heroes who fought overseas, came home from the war, and decided to make whiskey? We really enjoyed this, and will be looking for the other family members in the Horse Soldier lineup. Per the usual, we look at five different categories in our own terms: Bottle, Appearance, Smell, Value, and Taste. Enjoy the review, drop us a comment and make sure you subscribe to our podcast, YouTube, like us on Facebook and Instagram.

Bottle: “The labeling is premium... embossed logo, cool metallic piece” - Ian

Appearance: “Looks like good friggin whiskey!” – Ian

"Sure does..." - Steve

Smell: “Heavy ethanol, smashed up cherries, good wood on this“ – Steve

Value: $65 bucks or so retail...

Taste : “I don't say this a lot on these reviews, but mouthfeel? It coats your mouth and I like it!" - Ian


Ian: 8.6

Steve: 8.3

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