Bourbon Review: JB Urban Stillhouse Select

Jim Beam Distillery - Straight Bourbon - 100 proof

Jim Beam Urban Stillhouse Select can only be purchased at the Jim Beam Urban Stillhouse in Louisville, KY.

"How did Ryan Reynolds get involved in this review?"

Jim Beam was an introduction to bourbon for many of us, so we were very excited to try this exclusive expression from the classic distiller.

We sat down with our bourbon aficionado Tommy McCloskey and had a pour of the Jim Beam Urban Stillhouse Select . This bottle is a rare find for us as it is only sold in Kentucky. The three of us had a great time reviewing this one, even if it didn’t score as high as some of our previous reviews. We would say give it a try if you can get your hands a bottle. Enjoy the review, let us know what you think of Jim Beam Urban Stillhouse Select in the comments! Per the usual, we look at 5 different categories in our own terms: Bottle, Appearance, Smell, Value, and Taste.

Bottle: “it almost looks like an award winner” -Tommy

Appearance: “You all about them drippes?” -Steve

“I got 360 drippies bro" -Ian

“Samzies” -Steve

Smell: “My mouth is watering” -Tommy

Value: $42 bucks or so retail

Taste: “From the smell I thought it was going to have a little more bite to it” -Steve


Ian: 7.0

Steve: 7.1

Tommy: 7.5 ... 7.8?

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