Bourbon Review: Knob Creek 15 year

Knob Creek Distilling (Beam Suntory) - Straight Bourbon Whiskey - 100 proof

The Knob Creek 15 year was a limited release in 2020.

Under the care of seventh-generation distillers, minutes become days, the days become years and the years become bourbon."

“Even at 100 proof, I feel like I'm about to drink some whiskey here. Smells manly.“

We did this review back in October, and we apparently never posted it. So here’s a throwback to trying Knob Creek 15! We were VERY excited to get our hands on a bottle of this, and while it didn’t disappoint, we were maybe hoping for something more. It is really good, with all the masculine traits you look for in a 15 year old whiskey. Oak, leather, tobacco, with a hint of vanilla spice. It almost took a hit for us based on all the other amazing options that Knob Creek puts out, which is probably unfair. Per the usual, we look at five different categories in our own terms: Bottle, Appearance, Smell, Value, and Taste. Enjoy the review, drop us a comment and make sure you subscribe to our podcast, YouTube, like us on Facebook and Instagram.

Bottle: “I enjoy a limited edition... Comes in this cool box.” - Ian

Appearance: “The drips are kinda think... they're sticking around” – Ian

Smell: “Mmmmmmm I get lots of wood!“ – Steve

Value: $100 bucks or so retail

Taste : “Spice, vanilla, wood, and more wood" - Ian


Ian: 7.9

Steve: 8.2

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