Bourbon Review: Pinhook Bourbon Country (Fall 2018)

Pinhook Bourbon - Straight Bourbon Whiskey - 95.5 proof

Every year, Pinhook releases a new bourbon and rye, each of which is connected to a promising young thoroughbred horse.

"When you think Bourbon you think Kentucky, and when you think Kentucky you think of horses. So there is something to be said for that”

While this juice is sweeter than both of us normally like, we were both pleasantly surprised at how much we enjoyed Bourbon Country.

We were way off of our game for this episode, it is safe to say that we are not up to par on our horse facts or really anything else for that matter. After trying Pinhook Bourbon Country, we think this is a surprisingly good bourbon and we would highly recommend giving it a try. Per the usual, we look at 5 different categories in our own terms: Bottle, Appearance, Smell, Value, and Taste. Enjoy the review, drop us a comment and make sure you subscribe to our podcast, YouTube, like us on Facebook and Instagram.

Bottle: “The bottle looks cheap, the label looks like it was printed off of a home printer” -Ian

Appearance: “It’s a clear bottle, a lot of these bottles aren’t clear” Ian

“I’m going to go with a majority of them are clear”. –Steve (while looking at all of the clear bottles on the bar)

“They’re all clear:” –Ian while looking at the bar

Smell: “This smells like it’s at least 15 hands” -Ian

Value: $40 bucks or so retail

Taste: “It’s fruity and it has a good spice to it” -Ian


Ian: 8.2

Steve: 7.9

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