Bourbon Review: Eagle Rare 10 year

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Buffalo Trace Distillery - Single Barrel - 90 proof

Eagle Rare was our obvious first choice of bourbon to review given our lasting love for this product.

“You know we're going to get torn apart on this. Ridiculous bourbon snobs just tearing us apart.”

Our first bourbon review

We're not professionals. Far from it, and don't claim to be. Like many people, we enjoy bourbon and would occasionally look up reviews to see what people think about a product and compare what we thought. While there is value in reading or listening to what a pro says, we just couldn't relate to the tasting notes or complexity of their palate. So, we tried to do a review that the average bourbon drinking Dad could understand. We look at 5 different categories in our own terms: Bottle, Appearance, Smell, Value, and Taste.

Bottle: "I look at this bottle, see that big ol' eagle, and I think freedom" -Ian

Appearance: "Its got a good.... bourbon color" -Ian

Smell: "From an aroma standpoint, its really good" -Steve

Value: $35 bucks or so retail

Taste: "Its got a good feel to it, in my mouth" -Steve

"It tastes like fuckin' freedom" -Ian


Ian: 9.2

Steve: 8.5

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