Breaking Down Thanksgiving Sides

What do you call a turkey the day after thanksgiving?


2020's Thanksgiving is upon us, and we couldn't be more excited. First of all, the glutinous holiday signals the end of November, which means that #2020 is almost over. Theres something to be thankful for! But seriously... Thanksgiving means family, football, and food. Not much better than that. Even if this year is different (no preaching here, do what you think is right), you can enjoy a relaxing day with some of the best comfort food ever imagined. Below is a compilation of our favorite Turkey Day side dishes:

#5 Green Bean Casserole

Is this our favorite side dish? No. As a kid, many of us were mortified when this was slopped onto our plates, ruining the perfect portions of turkey and mashed potatoes. As an adult, though, this is a damn good compliment to turkey. Creamy, crunchy, and savory, all in one. Not bad at all. Pairs well with whiskey.

#4 Cranberry Sauce

Queue the controversy. Cranberry sauce is fantastic... and yes, were talking about the kind that slides right out of the can. Look, the homemade stuff is good, too. But there's just something about the tart, sweet, gelatin that is so satisfying. From slicing it to slurping it, this stuff is great. Also, pairs well with whiskey.

#3 Sweet Potatoes

Before we have dessert, I'd like a side of dessert please! Yams, sweet potatoes, whatever you want to call it... its delicious. Sweet, with brown sugar and a nutty crumble... perfect. Mix that bad boy in on your fork with turkey and stuffing and BOOM, you've got yourself the perfect bite. Pro tip... pair it with whiskey.

#2 Mashed Potatoes

You can go whipped or chunky with gravy or butter. No matter how you swing it, you can never go wrong. Mashed up potatoes are an absolute must with turkey, and if it is not an option at the in-law's house on Thanksgiving, well, then maybe it is time to start reconsidering your marriage. Joking aside, throw a healthy dollop of mashed potatoes next to a slab of turkey and bring on the gravy! Again... pairs well with whiskey

#1 Stuffing

Whether you have it homemade or out of the box, the number one side at Thanksgiving would have to be stuffing or what others call dressing. These little torn-up pieces of assorted bread and starches mixed with onions, celery, and seasoning made to shove into the cavity of the turkey to help keep it MOIST is simply superb. You can slop it on the plate next to the mashed taters, turkey, drizzle some gravy, and boom! It's the next closest thing to heaven. Of course, it pairs nicely with whiskey

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