Christmas Cookie Review Time!

Brown-Butter Cherry & Chocolate - Classic Shortbread - 3X Chocolate

Big shout out to Ian's family- Kait, Heidi, Tari & Chelsea for making these delicious cookies for us to abuse.

“Woah... that flavor pop in my mouth was unexpected.” 

“I mean how good is salt?“

Merry Christmas! We wouldn’t be all-time reviewers of things if we didn’t dabble into some home-made Christmas cookies to see how they pair with wyhiskey… We tried 3 cookies: brown-butter cherry & chocolate, classic shortbread, and triple chocolate. We paired each cookie with some Col Taylor bourbon and a WFE Rye. The different flavor combinations were amazing, and we had a ton of fun doing this! In the interest of not getting Ian in too much trouble, we didn't really rate each cookie per se... but we did rank them as to how we liked each pairing. Enjoy the review, drop us a comment and make sure you subscribe to our podcast, YouTube, like us on Facebook and Instagram.

Brown-butter cherry & chocolate: huge cookie, super moist, excellent flavor profile. Paired best with Willet Rye. The cherries put this one over the top. Fantastic.

Classic shortbread w/ sprinkles: classic cookie done just right. Light, just the right amount of sweetness. Went really well with both the bourbon and the rye. Could eat 100 of them. Or 30.

Triple Chocolate: Phenomenal chocolate taste that paired super well with the Col Taylor. Super rich, and the dark chocolate made its presence apparent, in the best way possible.



1. Brown-butter cherry & chocolate w/ Willet Rye

2. Shortbread w/ Col Taylor

3. Triple Chocolate w/ Col Taylor


1. Brown-butter cherry & chocolate w/ Willet Rye

2. Shortbread w/ Willet Rye

3. Triple Chocolate w/ Col Taylor

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