Ian's 2020 Halloween Candy Rankings

We're 10 days away from Halloween! Steve got his turn, so here's Ian's Top 5 Halloween Candies:

#5 Almond Joy

Hear me out... Almond Joy is on my list based on value alone. There is no fighting or hiding this from your kids... They don't want it. Coconut is also severely under-represented in the candy game. Between uniqueness and availability, Almond Joy had to crack my top 5.

#4 Twix

Twix is just solid. Chocolate? Good. Caramel? Good. Crispy wafer? Good. I actually think the fun size version you get on halloween is preferable, since you get a little more chocolate per bite given the smaller size.

#3 PayDay

Payday is incredibly underrated in my book. Peanuts and caramel, white the peanut butter mixed in. The saltiest of candy bars, I can't seem to stop once I get my hands on these. Bonus is that the kids don't seem to love these for their lack of chocolate... FINE BY ME.

#2 Snickers

A classic Snickers is hard to beat. I love how no matter the size, the flavor profile is so incredibly consistent. King or Fun size, and this candy has the perfect ratio of peanut, chocolate, caramel, and nougat. Can't go wrong.

#1 Reese's Mini Peanut Butter Cups

Bite sized Reeses are literally the best. For me, this expression is the perfect peanut butter to chocolate ratio and the bite sized version is the perfect size. Pro Tip: Freeze these bad boys and thank me later.

Honorable Mentions

Milky Way - I'll definitely eat these.

Skittles- Classic fruit flavored candy. Kids love em so I give them a win.

M&Ms- Nothing wrong with any form of M&Ms...

Starburst- Orange are the best...

Mike & Ikes- Love these at movie theaters, but not my go to on Halloween.

Don't Even Think About It

Carmel Apple Suckers- These are the worst.

Junior mints- Meh.

Dots- Like these, but a little chewy...

Whoppers- Gross.

Milk Duds – If I wanted to have jaw pain, I'd get punched in the face.

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