September is Bourbon Heritage Month!

OK... 2020 has been (insert apocalyptic adjective of choice) BUT- September is upon us! If you follow our #podcast, it's no secret that when it comes to fall, we're #basic AF Dads. Honestly what's not to love? Baseball is still happening and getting ready to heat up for the playoffs, football dominates sports talk radio as the season draws nearer (No college ball is REALLY disappointing though), the weather gets literally perfect, and... you get the picture. Aside from both of our dislike for a #psl, we might as well be jumping in our Uggs we're so excited for Fall. This year's Autumn is going to be fan-freaking-tastic and here's why: The very best thing about September: Bourbon Heritage Month! Here's how (and why) to celebrate with us!

Yes, its a real thing.

National Bourbon Heritage Month celebrates America's "Native Spirit" and has been doing so since 2007 when September was officially designated by a unanimous congressional vote. Bourbon was officially pronounced America's "Native Spirit" with the 1964 Act of Congress. So, what do you do for #BHM2020 you ask? Well my friend, that is the very best part! You drink bourbon (responsibly, of course)! Seriously though, this is such a great way to explore different bourbons, share with friends, and enjoy the juice that is as American as apple pie!

Join the Challenge

The wonderful team over at Bourbon & Banter came up with quite possibly the best #challenge ever created. The 30 Days of Bourbon Challenge is exactly what it sounds like: for each glorious September day, choose a different bourbon and enjoy! The whole idea is to get social with it, interact with others that are participating, and make some friends along the way. Oh, and the kicker to the challenge is that you also pick a charity to donate $30 (or more) to when the challenge is over. How cool is that?

We absolutely loved doing this challenge last year, which was our first. Bourbon & Banter has even made it super easy to keep track of your days with a calendar they publish each year. Those guys take it a step further by offering up some great #bourbonswag prizes to challengers! For a complete set of rules, prizes, and FAQ, visit the #30daysofbourbon page HERE

Be on our Team

Now that we've done the challenge once, and know what we're getting ourselves into, we are taking it to the next level by offering up our own prizes for challengers that join our team and interact with our social sites during this challenge. Pretty simple, but we can tell you from experience that it helps to do this together! We're really looking forward to seeing everyone's posts, discussing bourbon with you, and raising money for a great cause! Here's what you do to be "on our team""

  1. Follow the Bourbon & Banter rules

  2. Tag us (@thetalkingdads) on IG, Facebook, and/or Twitter for each of your 30 daily posts.

  3. Follow us on our social sites (Links are all over the place!)

  4. Subscribe to our Youtube Channel and podcast (we're on all of the apps).

  5. Make your donation to Ian's 24in24 challenge! (Learn more and donate HERE)

On October 1st, we will run a randomizer for everyone that completes the challenge on our team and send 3 lucky winners a BUNCH of swag. Of course, all of our merch will be included (shop here!) but we will also be throwing in a bunch of cool prizes from sponsors, guests' businesses, and swag we've acquired for this very reason. We will be teasing some of these prizes throughout the month, so keep an eye out! There will also be several opportunities to earn bonus entries!

The most important thing with #BHM is to have fun with it. It really is a lot harder than you might think! Don't stress out over it, but give it a shot and be active in promoting and learning as much as you can about bourbon. It's a hell of a drink, and September is going to be a hell of a month!

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