Steve's 2020 Halloween Candy Rankings

Holy Halloween Batman! #2020 has been quite a year to forget, but football, cooler weather, and bourbon season mean Halloween is upon us! The Dads love to rank things, so here are Steve's top 5 Halloween Candy:

#5 Kit Kat

Starting at number 5 is the Kit Kat. There is just something about this classic candy, nothing too exciting but it's always enjoyable. The Kit Kat is a Chocolate covered wafer bar, and for Halloween, it comes in the bite-size option. The smaller treat comes as one piece, but you break it and boom, you have two bars, which is where the tag line "give me a break" comes from.

#4 Starburst

In at number 4 Is a box-shaped soft fruit flavored taffy candy packed with juicy awesomeness. It is always a mystery to what you will get in these little two-piece packets, making the candy even more of an adventure. Everyone has their preference for Starburst flavors. As far as I'm concerned, they can do away with lemon altogether. Orange isn't bad; pink is a close second, but red, aka Cherry... all day! that is my favorite Starburst; open up a two-pack with double reds; well, that right there makes for a good day

#3 Twix

Twix Is one of my top favorites, consisting of a cookie biscuit covered with caramel and milk chocolate. The snack size is one piece, unlike the standard size option, which is 2 bars. It is the perfect mix of caramel and chocolate, full of flavor, and comes in at number 3 for me.

#2 Snickers

Coming in at number 2 is the Snickers bar. Snickers is nougat topped with caramel and peanuts, which is just a tastier version of a Baby Ruth. The flavor is very satisfying and is a perfect mix of salty and sweet. They have the smaller fun size option for Halloween, half the snack size bars. A genius idea, especially for the buyer who will be handing this delicious treat to Trick or Treaters, one bag of these little guys will go a long way.

#1 Reese's Pumpkins

My all-time favorite is a Reese's Pumpkin. The best thing that has come of Reese's cup is the holiday versions, the pumpkin, Christmas tree, and Easter Egg. The chocolate to peanut butter ratio is perfect! This will be the first thing I take from my kid's Halloween bags. The most simple candy consisting of Reese's peanut butter and milk chocolate is, in my opinion, the best Halloween candy available.

Honorable Mentions

Take 5 - Yum

Nerds- Very close to making it on the top 5

Milky way- Not bad, also not my favorite. Probably one of the last things I will take from the kid's bags.

Payday- Always a good option a nice salty-sweet treat

Butterfinger- Not bad

Don't Even Think About It

Twizzlers- Nope

Junior mints- If it's the last thing in the bag, I'll dabble

Dots- Rough on the fillings

Mike & Ikes- Nah

Necco Wafers – Amazed that these are still available.

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