Whiskey Review: Angel's Envy Finished Rye

Louisville Distilling Co. - Rye Whiskey - 100 proof

"Rooted in 200 years of bourbon heritage, we create hand-finished spirits that aren’t afraid to improve on the classic tradition."

"The mingling of raw, spicy and earthy rye with the mellow sweetness of rum finishing creates an incomparably smooth and drinkable whiskey, even at 100 proof."

“It's like walking into a Yankee Candle and it hits you in the face!“

We got our hands on another highly sought after rye whiskey and gave it a whirl! Angel’s Envy is known for their cool looking bottles and premium spirits, and while we weren’t the biggest fans of the finished rye, we definitely had a good time reviewing it. We’re just not huge fans of the rum cask finish. Isn’t that the great thing about whiskey though? Lots of people are really into this… are you? Per the usual, we look at five different categories in our own terms: Bottle, Appearance, Smell, Value, and Taste. Enjoy the review, drop us a comment and make sure you subscribe to our podcast, YouTube, like us on Facebook and Instagram.

Bottle: “Pretty cool bottle, love the angel wings in the back.” - Steve

Appearance: “Good color... looks a little darker.” – Ian

Smell: “It smells like sugar.“ – Steve

"Like you accidentally dump vanilla extract" - Ian

Value: $100 bucks or so retail

Taste : “Nutmeg? Syrup? Yeah maple syrup... Too much.” - Steve


Ian: 6.1

Steve: 5.8

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